This has kind of always been my thing. What bad decisions I make. Like back during Sopranos days I loved everything ab being a mob wife. Like Adrian (Chris's gf) so pretty & cool. & Lilo Brancato (I followed him after a Bronx Tale & his bad boy life). I liked Grady Sizemore, like all the ladies, although he had a playmate gf. I liked that !?
  1. It started w Marc .. my middle school, early highschool crush. (Teesh the one who recently contacted me from Florida ?)
    Marc was a doll, looking. He had 2 older, cooler brothers who were all over the scene. So you know that equals trouble. So naturally I liked that. 🤚🏼Like he showed up to a middle school party drunk & later became known for his smoking habit. Hes a good person tho. Nice, normal family. (I look for that feature. Bad but good family, Im not into the white trash. Like do you know who I am ? high class only !)
  2. Then there was Jake. Hes always been around. He just always loved me. Although he was incapable of it (bc hes bad & again high class). Thats why he liked me actually bc we were both high class (Jakes a girl he looks for those qualities).
    Jakes goal in life has always been to be the coolest (again facade). He's incapable of being faithful. The love is there, but the loyalty is not. When I was datingish him all these people told me "be careful w him." & he broke my heart for like a week. Hes had like 80 gfs since me & before. & I don't think ever graduated college (after attending whatever & every school was popping at the time. Litty.)
  3. Bobby. Oh I love Bobby. Hes the best. But again bad. Hes who I got drunk & made out w. Not in public. In a car. I was dating Mike when me & Bobby were bestys tho & Bobby liked me I assume & found out ab Mike. (We made out years later).
    Vicky used to like him & I hated him bc I thought he was such a weasel. He was friends w Marc & his bb crew. But then he started working at GE & we were inseparable from that point on. & then my besty dated his besty. & we had all the same friends. So it was a match made in heaven. He was so nice. Like to this day one of my bestest friends ever. He later lived w Jake & told me to be careful w him.
  4. & we know who the last one is. Danielle didn't want me to get involved from day 1. One time before we ever spoke I seen him driving w a bunch of blondes in his car & Danielle said thats the thing w him. I thought he was the ultimate stud.
    The difference w Mike tho (unlike all these other bb's) was Mike always followed through, always came back around. Never quit. Never gave up. After all his 500 million mistakes. & I always believed his lies bc I knew he was just trying to be cool & didn't actually mean the retarded things he did or say. (What a great team hahaha). But thats the one who stole my heart.