New Jersey Housewife inspired ..

  1. "Women are stronger than men, they have to rule the world" YASSS TRE.
    I hear you be the block, but Im the light that keep the streets on. Listen. Men work hard. But who takes care of them ? Where would they be wout us ? I can contest to this first hand. Who feeds you, cleans for you, takes care of YOUR kids, maintains friendly relationships with YOUR family, smells your underwear? & works. The list can go on but most importantly STAYS STRONG FOR YOU & LOVES YOU. Men aren't really good at that sorry.
  2. Next. Im not a grudge holder. However. Once Im done w you. Im moving on. You should too.
    This kind of thing has happened to me multiple times. If I ditch you as a friend. Pls accept it & don't stalk me. Thank you. Tre I feel you.
  3. Im turning into a feminist these days .. Jk just Beyonce.