My life/relationship stages intermixed.
  1. Childhood
    I had a wonderful childhood w Jonathan & Raquel. Honestly the best.
  2. Middle School
    I would like to call these phases (Highschool) Regina George part 1&2.
  3. Early Highschool/Later Highschool
    I specifically loved my senior year. Not bc of high school (I was involved in zero senior activities) bc of Mike really. We had fun !
  4. 1st Year of College
    😬😬 The Worst. The addiction phase was creeping in & I didn't know what to do Bc it wasn't verified & things were a mess. No excuses or answers for anything. It was a trainwreck really & embarrassing. I had a friend Ali Lessick from Girard & that was weird. & my best friend od-ed. What a life.
  5. Single & Wild Summer Part 1
    Single & Wild Summer Part 1 was when I realized I had to basically move on & out of the Mike situation. I started working at Express & going out & having funnish times. It wasn't really me. I hung w Ashlee a lot. Addiction Phase in full force. Enter Jake.
  6. Single & Wild Summer Part 2. (These phases aren't specifically all summer. But you get it.)
    I met Jessica. 💝 Which made life so much better. Now when we went out I had someone to hang out w that was more my speed/vibe. We had a BLAST. We also had a group. The people would literally say the blondes are here when we would show up places (w Ashlee & Vicky but she's brunette lol). We went to college all day everyday together. & worked at Express together. & did everything in between together. 2$ Tuesday's were the most important day of week. She made my hard time in life SO much better.
  7. Continued .. the summer part !
    Renter Jake. Ohhhhh we had a blast that summer. Jake came home every other week for me. We were kind of like a full on couple. Minus the serious stuff & it was fun ! The group had a lot of fun this summer. I failed 2 summer semesters due to partying & I do not regret it. YOLO. Jake was also like amazing of keeping my mind off things. Mike started popping up. He broke the official news to me of what was going on. & throughout the yr would pop in & out. When he did he would be doing good.
  8. Continued..
    Except 1 time he came over & was high again. & that's why I moved home.
  9. Rehab/Jail. The classy stage 😂
    Honestly I loved this stage. Crazy I know. But it was a blessing. Mike went to jail/rehab. Came home for the holidays & those were great. I was training at Little Bman then went to Howland. & we pretty much hung out all the time Bc Mike didn't really have anyone else. He was still figuring himself out. He didn't understand why & when girls started wearing spandex pants. Yes he was out of it that long. But all was good. & WE WERE HAPPY. SO HAPPY.
  10. Immature Stage
    Well at first the immature stage was ok Bc I went out to. & then we would meet up at the end of the night & Mike would sleep over. & then those girls came into the picture & Brennan. & he started going out w them ALL THE TIME ..... & we broke up on Thanksgiving.
  11. Stalking
    I went back to Canfield GE. 2 days a week basically. It sucked. But Courtney was there so we had fun. Walking around talking ab our loser bfs. & Mike stalked me pretty much. But that was fun & entertaining too. But I also was over & too old for the going out scene. Mike was under the impression he was not.
  12. The next stage was weird.
    I started working at Doral & I wasn't in the incrowd yet. & Mike randomly started ignoring me ?? It was strange but so is he.
  13. Fall/Winter was weird.
    Mike & I started talking again Bc Jessica convinced me to contact him Bc she said this was stupid we've made it through a lot worse than an ignore. & he started loving me again. But I lived at home & so did he & we were old. So we basically just dated. Like went on dates. Eat/beer. Then by spring he moved into Corys (w Brennan) but then things finally started to fall together. By the next fall I moved in w Danielle. Mike lived there.
  14. Corys.
    I loved this phase too. When Mike lived at Corys I lived at Danielles. Short drive down 224. & obviously I was so happy to be at Danielles & life was just good for a while & I LOVED it. & I also loved work. Amy was there. Me, Kane & Mike. Happy family!
  15. Michele's ..
    I remember when he told me he was buying the house. I WAS ESTACTIC. Me & Donna would talk ab it 247 & at first she was going to move right out so that was even more exciting. But she didn't & it was cool. I was over his first day there. Me, him & John. It's the little things. Things were a little harder due to his roommate but not bad. I went on vacation that summer too.
  16. Intervention
    We had a minor breakup that summer/fall. & the Mom & sister literally had an intervention w me to get pregnant. Should have if I would have known in a few months Danielle would meet Matt & everything would change. Like we had a good/simple bday that yr. but I loved it. Mike & O got together again. & everything was fine again until the Mexican ..... but then again fine. We had a lot of bonding time too when he was working on flip house. He was so proud to send me pics & take me over.
  17. Dawn Marie ..
    Well we all know what happened here. It just reeked havoc on my relationship really I feel. Like she moved in, trashed the place, Star moved in & basically Bella too. It was just a mess. I moved home. Things were just off. They would be on & off but we wouldn't really see each other nearly enough anymore. My work situation was horrible. I punched Danielle in the back. & then that night happened ..
  18. 6 months later ......
    Started working at Canfield GE.