So much to be grateful for .. My mom was just telling my dad & I this beautiful story ab a mass she went to for a distant cousin that passed away at 61. He had gotten bit by a mosquito & got esephalitis at a young age & it was as if he had down syndrome his whole life. Made me think.
  1. Migraines. Expensive, debilitating migraines. I am thankful for you.
    It could be so much worse. Bottom line. I also feel as tho my prayers are being somewhat answered. I feel as tho we are FINALLY on the right track to getting some relief. & that is AMAZING. Some days I don't even have 1. Other days I do but I'll take it. I thank my mom & grandma for never giving up on me. & my dad & grandpa for always caring & asking. I really appreciate that. I am so thankful for my big fat German, Italian, Scottish maybe ? family !!
  2. Barrio.
    2 times. 2 times. I have had 3 margaritas & no headache. 😁😁 #thankful
  3. Mark.
    How amazing he is moving forward w his life. & living & enjoying his life for his kids w his new lungs. It is a miracle. Truly.
    I am thankful for the past 10 yrs of having fun w my sis. My grandmas sister, Judy, passed away when she was very young & she always tells us how lucky we are to have each other. I have never been more aware as I am now.