Oooo pls continue tonight !!
  1. Lifestyle: FAST, partying (mild drug use), traveling/flying all over world, living in California, love/loss, rich (not famous but cool hip w it friends)
    Friends: Kardashians before they were "Kardashians," Chris Brown ish, Paris Hilton teen types. All younger years. I think just symbolized "rich kids". YOUNG. 80s 90s ? Diff time, yet current symbols for things & people I'm CURRENTLY familiar w. Early in dream high school years.
  2. Me: Italian &/or Purto Rican. Dark skin & hair, pretty. Me but it didn't look like me. Curly hair.
    1 child, boy, must have had him young.
  3. Love of my life: amongst this group of friends I fell in LOVE w a boy. He was black. Dollllll. So cute & cool. I think he had the soul of someone in my life now (Thresea Caputo) I'm trying to figure out if it's Mike. I loved him. He was the love of my life. We had so much fun.
    Yeeeeaaarrsssss together. At a party. I'm like where is he why isn't he here. I ask a friend of his. That's when it all comes together he's w another girl. Has been cheating. Not cute girl. Long hair stringy. They stay together. Forever. But I never stopped loving him & he never stopped loving me.
  4. Yearrrrrs later. I fall in love w a hot Italian. He's SO nice, sexy, cool. His mom likes me. I have a son. I'm not sure if it's w him or not. I had the boy young tho bc I was like late 20s early 30s & he was adultish. Anyway group starts to slowly fall apart.
    We grow up. I stay w my prob husband now.
  5. Dream ends Im on trip or something w 1 friend I kept Betsy. But we live in diff places now we talk ab how we still can't believe my old bf stayed w that girl.
    & deep down I'm sad bc I still love him although I have it all & am in love w my husband.
  6. My child also doesn't know much ab my past wild life.
    I always have 1 child in past life dreams w a past fastish lifestyle. Does that have something to do w why all ppl in my life such as Mike & Nicole w the drugs & mess lives Idk ? Am I here to help them now ? What's my lesson ?
  7. Soul mates ?