Visualize 😳😳😳😳🤓

Im visualizing everything starting w my home. I SEE IT. (Refer to Pinterest board "Home")
    When entering through the front door. You will be greeted w this wreath. (I also have rugs. Not pictured)
  2. Utensils, utensils, UTENSILS.
  3. To go.
  4. Coffee/Tea.
  5. Deco.
    I have sets of all these items.
  6. Utensil bin.
  7. At bottom of utensil bin ..
  8. Some glassware ..
    Other glass wear is wrapped in totes & trust me there is plenty.
  9. Glassware & kitchen appliances.
  10. Back stock of dish soap, woolite, rice (May 2017 GOALS) & candles.
    (It doesn't look like it in pic but) For days ..
  11. Im ready to MOVE IN 🏡🏡