In the 60s/70s they did this whole thing w psychedelic therapy. You would take LSD brownies or kolaid. Yum. Not weed ones. & they thought you would be able to get in touch w you subconscious & all these different frames of mind. I GET IT. So begin the chronicles of a post high school pot head 🍪
  1. I do not even care ab the chicken anymore. Ever since I discovered the ketchup the fries rockkkkkkkkkk. I want to order one of those large meals for the large fries. Or on a budget kids meal: no nuggets replace w another fry.
  2. Family. Teet, Jonathan, Kel. Together like before. Alwayssssin my dreams. How sweet of my subconscious.
  3. We gotta smuggle these into India. 🤔 I bet we could. These would be great for plane rides. Or just rides. Should I have one for breakfast Fri. Im serious 🤔
  4. When I was like 18 Mike was so much fun. I love when Mike stalks ME !!!! That's nice.
    Things go soooo much better when we don't tell his family 🙄 TODAYS THOTS ON MJ !
  5. The Dollar Tree. No toppers or clipboards. EVERYTHING else. They are poppin up everywhere w new buildings. A town you know it's getting ghetto when DT are poppin up everywhere. Yesterday I legit walked up & down the isles site seeing. Bc they have so much stuff !!!!! Everything & its 1$.
    New Family Dollar, new Dollar Tree, new DG. Holly smokes.
  6. Drugs. So people want to get high off the marijuana & coke ? but then heroin & all that the high feels bad ? So why do you eventually get into other drugs. Bc why would you even want to try them.
    I took a class on drug addiction in college. I didn't learn the answer if you were wondering. Oh & there is so much to talk ab Drew book on this subject. Can't putter downer.
  7. Be in the moment. Not to sound cult leader like but I think it's the secret to life. Seriously. I'm serious.
    Also dreaming is good & bad.
  8. Everyone would be so much better, happier if for breakfast they had 1 brownie or 2 talls. Like another secret to life.
  9. MJ & AJ = Haleb