Inspired by @solena and all of the lovely requests she's been sending. I loved this idea so much I had to get in on it.
  1. Going to Roatan with my family in May
    This was our first vacation in 4 years, and it did not disappoint!
  2. Turning 19
    It's been an interesting age, but I like it.
  3. Voting in my first presidential election
    This election has brought out so much ugliness, but voting for the first time was pretty amazing.
  4. Seeing my friends from high school this summer
    We didn't take any group pictures but I did get this one with one of my best friends.
  5. Downloading this app and meeting all of you wonderful people
  6. Loving these two sweeties
  7. Watching a lot of good movies and reading a lot of good books
  8. Spending part of the summer with my uncle and his family, and going to community college
    It was really awesome to get to know my uncle better, and going to community college helped me realize how many different ways there are to learn.
  9. Spending time with my lovely parents.
  10. Experiencing in flight entertainment for the first time
    This was really cool and new for me, OKAY?
  11. Spending time with my crazy cool sister
  12. This gorgeous fall we've been having!