This is my 99th list!!! Yay!!!!! To celebrate you all listening to me talk for 99 lists (holy shit), I decided to choose my 99 favorite lists. Some are funny, some are serious, some are short, some are long, you get the idea. They are not in any particular order.
  1. I love hearing the story of how people met and hearing the story of @amieshmamie and @DCB is particularly heartwarming.
  2. I think we can all relate to this incredibly hilarious list.
  3. I want to print this list out and frame it. It's such a perfect guide for a snow day.
  4. This is a cause very near and dear to my heart.
  5. This is funny, wise, and very true. I like it a lot.
  6. I love this positive, fun list. It's so unique and a wonderful idea.
  7. I loved that she added her own unique twist to the "advice to the Class of 2016" title wave. And all of this advice is also applicable even if you're not graduating.
  8. My favorite was from @KaraLane: "Changed the world. World didn't notice." I added it to my list of favorite quotes.
  9. An amazing list about an iconic song.
  10. This list is so beautiful and heartfelt. I'm not really a crier, but this made me want to cry.
  11. Not only is this list incredibly funny, but it came with the news of his engagement. So it was also a happy list!
  12. This list amuses me to no end. And the fact that @bjnovak approves is even better.
  13. 2014 was kind of a terrible year for me, and I think that year has just been marked as awful in my head, but this list reminds me that it was just a year, not a monster, and it actually was a really good year.
  14. An incredibly well written list about something that I believe in very strongly.
  15. I love this creative list about one of my favorite shows. It's spot on.
  16. I think this should be required reading for new listers.
  17. This list will hit close to home for anyone who has a mom and/or is a mom.
  18. This debate has almost torn my friend group apart many times.
  19. This is informative and very funny. 10/10 would recommend.
  20. I love when people use their own experience to help others. In this case, I'm sure it wasn't easy to talk about this, but she did so that she could help other women who have had miscarriages by instructing us on how to help them.
  21. I love creative lists like these. They make me wish I was clever enough to make them.
  22. This is an honest and raw list that I really relate to.
  23. All I could think when I read this list was "SAMESAMESAMESAMESAMESAMEOHMYGOD."
  24. This Costco wish list is what dreams are made of. Also @supercommonname is the Queen of Costco lists. Hands down.
  25. The making of this list was an iconic moment in history.
  26. This is the fantastic and incredibly necessary sequel to the above list.
  27. I was drafting this list in my head and then I found this amazing gem, and I see nothing but truth.
  28. This is a wonderful, creative list that recaps an amazing year.
  29. I love hearing her stories about being an OB/GYN, and this list is particularly great because it bravely deals with difficult topics.
  30. I love that he's bringing attention and awareness to the absolute bullshit apps that Apple requires us to have.
  31. I too love airports and agree 100% with this list.
  32. This captures my feelings about inspirational quotes perfectly.
  33. This list is beautiful and everyone should read it.
  34. I have wanted to be an adult for my entire kid life, and now that I'm kind of an adult, I have to say, things are better now. Being a kid is really hard.
  35. This story is so sweet and I love reading these kinds of lists.
  36. Why do people still think it's okay to comment on other people's weight? Unless you're someone's doctor, you have no business asking someone how much they weigh or giving them advice. And I love this list for reminding us of that.
  37. This list is inspired, clever, and wonderful.
  38. These kinds of lists will always be my favorites.
  39. Anyone who disagrees with this list clearly enjoys eating garbage.
  40. I really like this list because I think we hate way too much on millennials and fact is most of that hate is unfair because who raised us? Who made the world that we live in? The exact same people who criticize us for being the way we are.
  41. This is a must read for all Star Wars fans.
  42. Introverts unite 👊🏻
  43. This is an awesome reminder that internal beauty is more important than external beauty.
  44. This is an amazing life list. I've been working on a bucket list, which is something I think everyone should do because you won't realize how much stuff you've done until you try to list it.
  45. This list is uncomfortable to read, because I'm completely guilty of white privilege. However, it is also beautifully written, and it was a wonderful learning experience for me.
  46. One of my favorite things in the world is when I'm drafting a list in my head, and I just can't get the ideas to work in a list, and then I find that someone else has been able to. That was this case with this list.
  47. As a fellow grinch, I relate very strongly to this list. You've got a friend in me, sister.
  48. I love this list because I'm very happy to know that other people care about celebrity engagement rings as much as I do.
  49. I am a total Oscars junkie (awards show junkie in general actually), so to read this list about what it was like to actually attend the Oscars was amazing.
  50. I am studying to be a nurse, so I love reading lists about nurses, and this is one of the best.
  51. Honestly, all of her recaps are worth reading, but I chose this one because it's the original. Once I was in a nail salon and I was trying to read an US magazine and it just wasn't the same without her commentary.
  52. This is inspirational and fantastic.
  53. This is an amazing list that makes me want to travel.
  54. I love this list because it's so creative.
  55. I love hearing stories about people meeting extraordinary strangers.
  56. This list is amazing, and a must read if you've seen Spotlight.
  57. I just want to thank @tombatten for bringing this list into my life.
  58. People Are So Kind by @sharonakosuaa
    This list is a beautiful reminder to be kind always, and to have faith.
  59. Good listeners are rare and talkers are everywhere. I love this list because not only does it talk about listening, it also applies to multiple modes of communication. So it works for the modern age!
  60. This list is adorable. I love hearing about other people's pets.
  61. I love this list because it's a wonderful reminder to fight for yourself. You are your best advocate.
  62. I love this list because Christianity and religion in general has gotten a bad reputation (I'm not saying that it was deserved or not deserved), and this list is a good reminder that religion is supposed to be a comfort, not this incredibly hateful thing.
  63. "There's no way to be a perfect parent but about a million ways to be a great one." That's from Cheaper by the Dozen 2 and I think it applies here.
  64. This list is an important reminder to give yourself a break. Your body is beautiful, and there's no need to compare yourself to anyone else.
  65. Everyone's worst nightmare when it comes to online dating. This is definitely worth reading!
  66. I didn't know that hotel keys could look like this, and I'm extremely jealous.
  67. Thank you @aprilkquioh for writing this list. It's well-written and very informative.
  68. We all need to stop playing games with other people. And I'm not talking about Monopoly. It seems like every conversation just has a layer of bullshit on the top and you have to scrape all of that off to get to the truth.
  69. Please no one forget about this list. It's so so so important that we stop using these words like this. Please help spread the word. Politely correct the people around you. Share it on social media. Do whatever it takes to get people to please stop using these words.
  70. SOMETIMES THE MOVIE IS BETTER, GUYS. Mom I'm so sorry please don't cut me off.
  71. Normally I hate it when people give me unsolicited advice, but I really like this list because the tone is so not smug at all. It's very relatable and definitely something that people in relationships could benefit from. Not me, of course, because I'm a lone wolf.
  72. I put my dog in a shirt and a Santa hat once. I'm pretty sure she's still mad at me for that one. But there are so many more.
  73. I'm such a grammar nerd, so thank you thank you thank you for writing this list.
  74. I have ADD, so I LOVE this list. I don't really think we talk about ADD/ADHD enough, so I'm happy to see the conversation starting.
  75. This list is so accurate and wise. Everyone who's going to college should read it.
  76. This list is perfect. I love when people make lists like these because I think we all miss The Office and it's fun to think about what the writers would do with the current situations around us now.
  77. I'm saving this for potential future use.
  78. I love this list so so much. She clearly has a very smart Doctor, and that makes me happy.
  79. @justjills asked @kcupcaker to give us the language of her heart emojis and (and life) will never be the same.
  80. As someone who has felt invisible pretty much her whole life, I am thankful that I'm not alone, and I'm glad that someone else was able to have the bravery to talk about it.
    Okay I was excited that we were playing Mad Libs, but I had no idea that we were in for something this funny. I have this scene memorized, so it was particularly funny for me.
  82. I love this list for two reasons. 1, not only does she tell us what not to do, she tells us what to do, which is really helpful for those of us who genuinely don't know what to do, as death can be uncomfortable and people rarely know what to do. 2, her love for her mom radiates throughout the entire list, and as a fellow mama's girl, I love that.
  83. I turn 21 on April 25, 2018, and I will be done with this list by then!
  84. I love this list because it's so wise without bragging. I also like that it's very universal, and not specific to any one type of marriage.
  85. This list broke my heart and I'm so glad she shared it with us.
  86. I feel like I'm always apologizing for my existence, so this list is a wonderful reminder to quit doing that.
  87. I wish I had written this list! Also, every time I read it, "Style" by Taylor Swift gets stuck in my head.
  88. Wild is one of my absolute favorite books, so I love this list. I've put answering all of these prompts on my bucket list.
  89. I ADORE this list because it reinforces my belief that we are constantly learning and changing as people and as a group.
  90. Anything that I say about this list won't do it justice. It's amazing and wonderful and fantastic and every good thing there is.
  91. I have this list saved just because I think it's so useful.
  92. I love this list and I want to make one of my own because I'm totally guilty of just sitting down and watching Netflix any chance I get.
  93. The story plus the Office gifs had me laughing so hard.
  94. Someday, when I'm an actual grownup, this list will be so helpful.
  95. This list is surprising and heartwarming. I like it a lot.
  96. My favorite part of this list is the first bullet point. It's so funny.
  97. There are a lot of lists on this app about loving yourself and treating yourself well, but this one is my favorite.
  98. I love the general progression of this list, how it starts out slightly remorseful and ends with her basically telling you off.
  99. I'm always striving to be more gentle and kind, and I love this list for reminding us that we are all imperfect, and we need to be careful with each other.