Today, at my job as a nanny, two of my kids and I had a conversation that solidified that I'm an adult now. (Just for reference, they are two girls and they're 6 and 9, respectively).
  1. 6: (notices this ring on my right ring finger) are you married?
  2. Me: um no, I'm not, but usually you wear your wedding ring on your left ring finger.
  3. 6: (notices this ring on my left ring finger) but you have a ring on that finger too!
  4. Me: yeah, but that's because this ring only fits on my left ring finger, and usually a butterfly ring isn't a wedding ring.
  5. 6: oh. When are you going to get married?
  6. Me: I don't know. Maybe when I graduate from college.
  7. 9: do you have a boyfriend?
  8. Me: no.
  9. 9: why not?
  10. Me: