Inspired by @jessicaz and her adventures with her cousin's kids!
  1. I am a summer nanny for three kids, a 9 year old girl, a 6 year old girl, and a 2 1/2 year old boy.
    I won't be posting any pictures of them or telling you their names because they're not my kids and I don't want their parents to be mad. Here is a day in our life!
  2. 4:30am: I wake up and hate my life. Mornings are the absolute worst.
    I get up and eat breakfast and whatnot.
  3. 5:30am: I leave to drive to work.
    I always listen to an audiobook during my commute, and today it's To Kill a Mockingbird. It's really good.
  4. 6am: arrive to work and scroll my phone until the kids wake up.
    I wrote this list: Reading, as told by gifs
  5. 7:05am: 2.5 wakes up and wants a banana. 6 comes right after.
    Then we eat breakfast.
  6. 7:15am: during breakfast, 9 wakes up and joins us.
  7. 7:30am: we finish breakfast and go to the playroom so 2.5 can play with cars, and 6 and 9 and I can talk about the weekend.
    They watched the Princess Bride and went to a museum.
  8. 7:50am: we head upstairs to brush teeth and get dressed to go to the park.
    I have to negotiate with 2.5 about 3 times before he finally comes upstairs with me to get dressed because he wants to go to the park.
  9. 8:15am: we head to the park
    At this point, I've had to convince two kids to go to the park. It's going to be a long day.
  10. 8:50am: we leave the park after swinging and playing basketball so the girls can work on their summer homework and 2.5 can play cars.
  11. 9:30am: the girls are finished with their summer homework, so the four of us sit for a little bit.
    9 is listening to music, 6 is playing with barbies, 2.5 is playing with cars, and I'm listing and cleaning up, as well as mentally planning lunch.
  12. 9:35am: diaper change for 2.5. It's poop.
    This is by far the most humbling part of my day.
  13. 9:40am: I go back to alternating between playing with the kids, scrolling my phone, and doing the dishes.
  14. 10am: I get up and start making lunch.
  15. 10:15am: I'm doing a balancing act of making lunch (and watching it like a hawk because I don't trust this stove) and mediating Barbie Wars between 2.5 and 6.
  16. 10:30am: Lunchtime! Today it's Mac and cheese with a side of strawberries.
  17. 10:50am: we finish up lunch and I do the dishes while the kids goof around.
  18. 11am: we head upstairs to get dressed for the pool. Getting 2.5 into his swim shirt is one of the worst parts of my day.
  19. 11:15am: the kids are all dressed for the pool when we can't find 2.5's water shoes.
    Thus launching a half an hour long search.
  20. 11:40am: I admit defeat and text my boss, asking if she knows where 2.5's shoes are.
    She suggests that they might be drying on the porch. And low and behold, they are!
  21. 11:45am: we head to the pool.
    We get there, and for some reason, we couldn't swim in the pool for the longest time, which was annoying to explain to 2.5, but it eventually opened and we were able to swim.
  22. 1:50pm: time to get out of the pool. We head into the women's room for showers, where 2.5 has a complete meltdown and screams at me the entire time I changed his clothes.
    That was really fun.
  23. 2:15pm: we leave the pool and walk home. 2.5 is screaming, 6 and 9 are fighting over who gets to carry the bag, and I'm clearly a contender for Nanny of the Year 🏆.
  24. 2:20pm: we get back to the house. I tell 6 she can't watch a movie until she and 9 clean up the playroom, so they do and then they turn on Space Buddies.
    While those two are occupied, I'm unpacking from the pool and dealing with 2.5, who is still screaming at me.
  25. 2:25pm: I put 2.5 in his bed and turn the music on so he will take a nap, and he cries for a little bit more before falling asleep.
    6 and 9 are still watching their movie.
  26. 2:30pm: I come downstairs to watch the movie and catch up social media.
    I'm super tired.
  27. 4pm: mom's home just as the movie is finishing up!
    See you tomorrow minis!
  28. Obviously, what I do is not even close to being their mom, but sometimes it does feel like it ❤️
  29. And now this pseudo mom is watching hours of TV because she's a bad example.