All of the framed photos in my house 📷

I LOVE seeing what framed family photos people have hanging in their houses, so PLEASE steal this idea and tag me in it so I can see. These are all of mine!
  1. In the corner of our family room, we have this shelf type thing with all of these souvenirs (money from other countries, sand, shells, and photos) from our trips, mostly to beaches because we're water people.
    This is one of those photos. It's me with a snorkel on my head.
  2. Another one from the travel corner.
    This is my dad, my sister, and me in the Florida Keys.
  3. Travel corner
    This is my sister and me on a boat like a thousand years ago. Strangely enough, I remember this boat ride.
  4. Travel corner
    This is a shot of my sister snorkeling underwater, back when we still had our underwater camera. @madisonelizabeth
  5. Travel corner
    The last photo in the travel corner is this one of my sister in a scuba diving class.
  6. Across the room from the travel corner we have the Pocono wall.
    This is a picture of a cabin there.
  7. More of the Pocono wall
    This is a creek and a house there.
  8. Another shot of the creek.
  9. In another corner of the family room, we have what I call the Daughter Corner, which is photos of my sister and me.
    These are our graduation portraits. My sister's is crooked and I won't let my mom fix it because I think it's a metaphor.
  10. The other part of the Daughter Corner is this collection of smaller photos of my sister and me.
    That middle frame is supposed to be centered but it fell down.
  11. This frame and the one below have been on the windowsill next to our kitchen sink for ages.
    This one is my dad, my sister, and me in the woods.
  12. This is the other one that has been on our windowsill for ages.
    I'm on the right and my sister is on the left.
  13. This is hanging in my dad's office.
    It's photos of fish and a shark that he took with our underwater camera.
  14. This is also in my dad's office.
    It's just some school photos of my sister and me.
  15. More photos of my sister and me in my dad's office.
  16. He also has this one, of my sister and me zip lining in Costa Rica.
    I have no clue where he got this frame.
  17. These are photos from my dad's trips to Florida with his brother.
  18. This is my dad's dad.
  19. Another photo of my dad's dad.
  20. This is on our mantel in the living room.
    It's my sister and me. I like this one a lot.
  21. This one is also in our living room.
    It's my sister and me, back when dressing alike was still cool.
  22. This is a photo of my grandma (my mom's mom) when she was little.
  23. This is another photo of my grandma.
  24. This is our dog Joey.
    She died in February 2014, so we had this picture of her framed and we put her collar on it.
  25. This is my mom's grandma.
    Isn't she cute?
  26. This is my grandpa (my mom's dad).
  27. This is another one of my mom's dad.
  28. This is my sister and me with our great Grandma.
  29. This is me, when I was about 3.
  30. This is my cousin Coral and me.
    My mom loves this picture.
  31. These are a bunch of my dad's photos, including one from my mom and dad's wedding.
  32. This is on the mantel in our basement.
    I think it's kind of creepy, honestly. I'm glad it's in our basement and I don't have to look at it that much.
  33. This one is on my dad's nightstand.
    It's my mom and dad's wedding photo. Aren't they cute?