I've been here for almost three weeks now, and this is what I have found.
  1. So many book, TV, and movie recommendations!
    I had read on TLA that Obvious Child was a great movie, and I watched it, loved it, listed about it, and on my list someone recommended that I should watch Girls if I liked Obvious Child. The suggestions never end on this app!
  2. Everyone is welcome
    There are people here who are retired, people who are in their 40's, college students (like me), and more. There are mothers and fathers, actresses, actors, people of almost every profession, and students (I'm sure that there are more but these are all I can think of right now). All of these different viewpoints makes this app an incredibly diverse place and opens up different worlds.
  3. It's funny
    Plenty of posts here make me laugh out loud, and who doesn't like to laugh?
  4. The app is very user-friendly
    Although we've all enjoyed poking fun at the new update, truth is the app still works great. It's fast, you can upload gifs and pictures with ease, and it never freezes up or just quits. Of course, now that I've said something it will probably start acting up on me, so goodbye forever List App!
  5. We have a good mix of light lists and heavy lists
    Some people list about their favorite fruits, and some people list about their disabilities. Some people list about both! I love that this app is very pop culture heavy, but that we also aren't afraid to talk about the tough issues, like mental illness. And I believe that life is all about balance!
  6. It's very relatable
    I can't even count how many lists have made me think "oh my god I think the exact same thing." It helps me feel less alone, and it's wonderful when someone else is able to put a feeling that I have had into words in a way that I wasn't able to.
  7. Liking old lists is okay!
    We don't shame people for going back and liking, re-listing, or commenting on old lists. We encourage it, so feel free to look through any old lists and go nuts!
  8. I'm sure there are more but this is all I can think of for now.
    Thank you List App, for being amazing, and I hope that this community can keep this beautiful app going! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️