All the things I'm loving this summer 👙☀️🍦🏊🏻

  1. Ice cream
    Specifically, Edy's Slow Churned Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream. It's amazing.
  2. Garnier Fructis Hair Products
    I love their shampoo, their conditioner, their Curl Sculpting Cream Gel...
  3. Coke
    It's just so refreshing. I've become a full blown addict.
  4. My sunglasses
    They're pretty much glued to my head and face.
  5. Orange is the New Black
    I came back to this show when Season 4 was released, and now I've found myself re-watching the whole series.
  6. Rings
    This is my butterfly ring. It was a 19th birthday present and I wear it every single day.
  7. Ice
    I put it in my drinks, I eat it by itself (I know, that's terrible for my teeth, I'm really trying to stop chewing it), I can't get enough.
  8. Red Baron Brick Oven Frozen Pizza
    This has become my go to frozen pizza. I eat so much of it that I'm pretty sure I have a problem.
  9. Showers
    During summer, I just can't shower enough. It's probably because I'm so sweaty all the time.
  10. ✌🏻️