1. When I decided that I don't like bands or singers, I liked songs.
    I think we all have been disappointed by a band we love releasing a song we hated, or been surprised by a band we hate releasing a song we loved, so I just decided to stop caring about the artist and focus on the song.
  2. When I thought about the obsessions I've had in my life, and I felt sad about moving on from them, but then I realized that those obsessions were there for me when I needed them, and I don't need them anymore, and that doesn't have to be a sad thing.
    For my entire life, I've become obsessed with various things (cars, babies, weddings, etc) from time to time, and I almost always move on within in a few months. And I've always felt guilty about moving on, but this year I realized that I don't have to feel guilty.
  3. That's it. Those are the two times in my life I've been wise.