All the times Red Forman was an inspiration to everyone

  1. When he gave us a new comeback to "I have a headache."
  2. When he gave us the definition for a responsible person:
  3. When he gave us this amazing way to get out of anything you don't want to do:
  4. When he introduced this Star Wars style burn:
  5. When he called bullshit on bad luck:
  6. When he reduced the number of stages of grief from 5 to 2:
  7. When he had no time for "If I were a bird" games:
  8. When he had to draw the line somewhere:
  9. When he spoke this TRUTH:
  10. When he didn't even have to speak to insult people:
  11. When he thought of good ideas for funerals:
  12. When he wasn't above using trick questions:
  13. When he insulted tea:
  14. When he had no time for cats:
  15. And finally, when he thought about becoming an author: