Inspired by @Nicholas
  1. You go to sleep at normal times and eat meals at the appropriate times.
    You're not in college. Get outta here.
  2. Your mom texts you constantly to remind you to eat fruits and vegetables.
    You're in college.
  3. You have reading that you are definitely supposed to be doing, but probably aren't going to do.
    You're in college.
  4. You are eating delicious food that you will recommend to all of your friends and family.
    You're nowhere near college.
  5. You have a collection of things that have been handed to you that includes apples, lightbulbs, and mini bibles.
    You're in college, and you live on campus and go to class regularly.
  6. You have very strong opinions about access codes and how they are the biggest scam ever.
    You're definitely in college.
  7. You're yelling "Seriously?? What the fuck does my money pay for???"
    You're in college, trying to get the Wifi to work.
  8. You miss your parents so much it makes you want to cry.
    You might be in college. I need some more information.
  9. You think it's okay to expect people who don't have full time jobs to buy $130 worth of textbooks that they'll use for one semester.
    You're a college professor.