Inspired by @boygirlparty okay technically this is my parents' house but I live here too!
  1. These aren't framed and hanging YET but they'll be here in like 2 weeks and then they will be
    My great grandpa took an art class years ago and these are some of his sketches! I think this one will go to my sister.
  2. And this one will be mine.
    It's my favorite because ice cream 🍦
  3. This is hanging in our basement, and my sister painted it.
    It's dated May 2003 which means she was about 8.
  4. Family portrait
    We've had this for a million years but I don't know who painted it. It's the four of us (my parents, my sister, and me).
  5. My sister made this in art class.
    It's tin foil and she wrote on it with sharpie! @madisonelizabeth
  6. Another one of my sister's masterpieces from art class.
  7. Here's something y'all didn't know about me- I used to be an artist.
    I'm not quite sure what this is, but it's framed and hanging in our basement!
  8. This is another Lexie original.
    It says Lexington in the corner which indicates that I made this when I was 4, when I was going through my phase where I wanted people to call me by my full name.
  9. This is a picture of a train station in Cresco, Pennsylvania.
    That's about 10 minutes from my grandparents' house (where we also own a house) and I've been to this train station. If I had to guess, my parents probably bought this at an art show in the Poconos (where this picture takes place).
  10. This is a painting of the Spruce Cabin Inn.
    Long story: my grandpa's ancestors used to own this inn. It burned down and now my grandparents live in a cabin on the same property where this Inn was (the property also has a large house where my grandpa grew up, and we own that too). I'm guessing my parents bought this in the Poconos as well.
  11. My great grandmother made this for my mom a long time ago.
    Then, there was some flooding in our basement, and this picture was damaged. My mom was devastated, so for her 40th birthday, my dad had the photo fixed and framed. My mom cried!
  12. This has been hanging up in our dining room FOREVER.
    I cannot remember a time when we didn't have this hanging in our dining room.
  13. My dad has this hanging in his office.
    I think it's a few fossilized fish. I have no clue where he got it.
  14. I think we got this one in the Poconos too.
    It's hanging in my dad's office. It definitely took place in the Poconos.
  15. My dad has this hanging in his office too.
    Like 50% of the art in our house is in my dad's office.
  16. This is my dad's dad's mom's family crest/coat of arms type thing.
    It's in, surprise surprise, my dad's office!
  17. I painted this for my dad!
    I'm sure I gave it to him because he loves the water and scuba diving and stuff.
  18. My sister made one too.
    My sister and I had the same art teacher, just two years apart, so we have a lot of similar pieces of art.
  19. My mom has this in her office.
    My sister painted the top one and I painted the bottom one.
  20. My mom also has this in her office.
    It's a baby and a dog. I have no idea when she got it or where she got it.
  21. Letters to a daughter
    Also hanging up in my mom's office.
  22. This is in our guest room.
    If I had to guess, I think this was from the Poconos also.
  23. This one is dated 1989 and has my mom's name on it, which makes me think it was personalized for her.
  24. Also hanging in our guest room.
  25. My mom and dad's wedding invitation
    My parents have this framed in their bedroom. Those flowers are from their wedding and my mom had them dried out and added to the picture. This is how our family got started ❤️❤️❤️
  26. Not all of this is my taste, so if I ever get a place of my own (cries with laughter), I'll do another list about the artwork that I put up!