I'm prepping for Oscar season so I can dominate the conversation. To be updated as I continue to watch more.
  1. Zootopia
    This was a really fun movie! I watched it on Netflix. It's not my favorite animated movie ever (Inside Out set the bar very high for that one) but I enjoyed it.
  2. Manchester By The Sea
    This was great. I really enjoyed the story and characters even though it was heartbreaking. It really gave me a lot to think about.
  3. Deadpool
    I liked it, but I don't get what the big deal is. And if Ryan Reynolds beats Ryan Gosling for the Golden Globe I SWEAR TO GOD I WILL BURN EVERYTHING TO THE GROUND.
  4. The Girl on the Train
    Emily Blunt is outstanding in this, and she deserves to be nominated for her performance, but the rest of the movie is forgettable.
  5. Sully
    This is a good movie, and they tell the story well. I'm glad we're telling this story, because Sully, the crew, the passengers, the first responders, and everyone else who contributed to that day definitely deserve recognition. I can see why it's kind of being left behind in the awards conversation though.
  6. La La Land
    I really really enjoyed this. It's not going to make me like musicals, but it's worthy of all the hype. The music, costumes (oh my gosh where can I buy Emma Stone's wardrobe?), acting, dancing, and more is amazing. Plus, it's just so pretty to look at.
  7. Hidden Figures
    This movie was fantastic. My favorite part was how they managed to weave 3 women's stories together and still have it work so well.
  8. 13th
    I watched this yesterday! It's amazing. It really made me question everything I thought I knew, and it really shines a light on the effect of media narratives.
  9. Loving
    This movie is beautiful. Not only does it tell an amazing part of our history, it's also a really beautiful portrait of a marriage. Ruth Negga is clearly the star here, but Joel Edgerton also gives a really great performance.
  10. 20th Century Women
    I really liked this. It's very unexpectedly funny. I wanted more Greta Gerwig, but I also enjoyed Annette Bening. The menstruation dinner scene is probably one of the best scenes ever.
  11. Moonlight
    We saw this on Sunday! It was really good. It's a very intense movie. My mom had so many questions after the movie. She was all "how did Juan die? And I just don't think that Chiron's story is over." So, Barry Jenkins, if you're reading this, my mom would love a sequel.