1. I didn't know @biz very well. I think she liked and relisted a few of my lists, and one time I commented on one of her lists and she responded.
  2. I struggled with suicidal thoughts for a long time, so when I hear about someone committing suicide, it hits very close to home for me because I understand what it's like to want to end your life.
    It's just as horrible as you would expect it to be.
  3. I remember when I was thinking about committing suicide, I thought about the people in my life. How they would respond.
    I knew they would miss me but ultimately I felt that they were better off without me.
  4. I keep thinking back to August 2nd. I keep thinking about what I was doing (I was at work all day) and how it was a totally normal day for me.
  5. I keep thinking about the days since then, how we didn't even know that she was dead, and what has been going on in the app since then.
  6. Today, every time I've checked a different social media, I have to remind myself that people outside of @list aren't mourning Biz.
    I forget that not every social media is as united and small as @list.
  7. I'm thankful that I'm still here. I'm thankful that @biz was here.
  8. I'm thankful to be a member of a community that cares so deeply about its people. @biz was one of our people.
  9. Rest in peace @biz. I'm sorry this world wasn't kinder to you.