Boys I Would Like To Handcuff Myself To

Inspired by @brimattia and @k8mcgarry and also I still don't really understand cuffing season.
  1. Ryan Gosling
    Sometimes I forget that Ryan has no idea who I am because we've had so many interactions in my head.
  2. Eddie Redmayne
    A few months ago I fell down the rabbit hole of Eddie Redmayne fan accounts. You can't come back from that.
  3. Prince Harry
    Please don't bring up his new girlfriend I don't want to talk about it.
  4. Seth Meyers
    When I go on YouTube, all it suggests are his videos.
  5. Miles Teller
    After I saw The Spectacular Now it was like RIP me.
  6. Thomas Mann
    After I saw Me and Earl and the Dying Girl I was like HEY.
  7. Matt Damon
    He wrote a movie that was released the year I was born but IT'S FINE.