BuzzFeed Quiz Results

Sometimes I take BuzzFeed quizzes when I'm procrastinating. Here are my results!
  1. According to my taste in movies, I'll get married when I'm 28
    That seems like a good age to get married. I've always had this gut feeling that I would get married at 28/29.
  2. According to my zodiac sign, Ian Somerhalder is my crush.
    Nope. He does nothing for me. 👎🏻
  3. According to my favorite TV Shows, I live in New York.
    Wrong, but close! And I've always wanted to live in New York.
  4. I crushed this quiz with quotes from The Notebook.
  5. According to my Disney life, I will meet my soulmate in 9 months.
  6. According to my taste in men, I was born in March.
    No and ew.
  7. According to the pizza I built, Patrick Dempsey is my celeb boyfriend.
    Nah. 👎🏻
  8. According to my Netflix preferences, I'm 17 years old.
    This isn't even that far off from my age and I'm still so offended.
  9. Apparently I'm 5'6"
  11. Okay this one hurt a little bit.