Okay I've never *actually* met a famous person so all of my stories are extremely weak connections, so I've taken one for the team and set the bar unbelievably low. Hopefully that will inspire many stories!
  1. My grandpa was in the Army during some of JFK's presidency and LBJ's presidency.
    He's an engineer, and one time he was working with wires or something and Caroline Kennedy came over and sat on his lap and started talking to him. She was like five. He doesn't think this is very cool, and I'm like "ARE YOU KIDDING THAT'S AWESOME."
  2. My sister's friend's dad is Tom Foreman, a journalist for CNN. He's won a few Emmys and he's verified on Twitter and Instagram.
    He also has a Wikipedia page, which I think is pretty cool.
  3. My mom once rode a plane with Barbara Walters.
  4. I've met George RR Martin at a Halloween party, made eye contact with Bob Saget thrice and I just recently met Bob Odenkirk at a film conference
    I made him chuckle by saying Al Franken is a god.
    Suggested by @gus7464
  5. I met Henry Winkler and shook his hand, and have stood in line in front of both Candice Accola (now King) and Danny Pudi but didn't want to bother them
    Suggested by @macnchz
  6. Rob zombie, smile empty soul, lead singer of breaking Benjamin, mudvayne, bill Murray.
    Suggested by @elmospimpingme
  7. Doug Judy*
    *Craig Robinson. The only celeb I've actually 'met' and it was spectacular 🙌🏼
    Suggested by @angela3950
  8. I was at Universal Studios at the same time as Josh Hutcherson and I rode like 3 rows behind him on a roller coaster lol
    Suggested by @sarahsmith4
  9. I've met a few cool people at book signings (Jason Segel, Diane Keaton) and a lot of Buffy and sci-fi show people at comicon!
    Suggested by @sarahmccoy
  10. Well @angela3950 and I have similar taste in celebs we run into!
    Suggested by @Boogie
  11. Females are strong as hell!
    This was pre-Kimmy Schmidt. So my career advice was her character on Mindy Project should be in more episodes. She agreed.
    Suggested by @Boogie
  12. Marie Osmond of Donny and Marie in the bathroom of an Italian restaurant
    Suggested by @audreypalumbo
  13. My dad grew on the same street as Adam Sandler
    Adam had a brother my dad's age and my uncle is Adam's age, so they would all hang out. My dad would probably bully Adam Sandler as the older neighborhood kids do to the younger ones. When I was a kid we were at a community pool and for some reason Adam was home and came by. He recognized my dad immediately and that's how I met Adam Sandler.
    Suggested by @natalieruth
  14. I worked as a PA on the tv show Wayward Pines when I was going to school in Vancouver. I stopped M. Night Shymalans car because they were rolling on set so I told him he had to turn his car off.
    He rolled down the window and took off his sunglasses and just stared at me then calmly explained that he was the executive producer. I wanted to flee. Also met Matt Dillon on that show 👍
    Suggested by @emtwids
  15. In 2016 I went to various Comic Cons where I met Sebastian Stan, Chris Evans, Chris Hemsworth, Charlie Cox, Elden Henson, and Evan Peters
    It wasn't cheap, but it was worth every penny.
    Suggested by @twigvicious
  16. I saw The Lumineers play a small show in a record store before "Ho Hey" became a huge hit. Afterwards they chatted with me, signed my cd, and let me take some pictures with them, even though I was holding up a line of people to meet them. Really nice people.!
    Suggested by @MatthewAlmont
  17. Also M. Night Shyamalan
    Living and working in the Philadelphia suburbs, it was only a matter of time. I used to work part time at a Barnes & Noble on the Main Line and he's a regular customer. For the record, very polite and chill.
    Suggested by @eightk
  18. Ben Folds!
    In case everyone didn't already know, we're best friends. (I WISH. But I have met him a few times.)
    Suggested by @celestestelle
  19. I don't know if these count: I met John Elway at church just before he married his second wife. And both John Lynch's and Jason Elam's kids were piano students of mine. Oh, and I'm married to Michael Jordan.😉
    Suggested by @julieann718
  20. In elementary school one of the reading specialist teachers was Jon Cryer's sister. One of the reading specialists was also in charge of the gift and talented program and had us doing artsy stuff over Spring Break. So anyway Jon Cryer's sister got him to come to school and talk to the GATE students and we showed him this claymation video we made.
    And then at the end of it he gave us all autographs. This was when Two and Half Men was big and Charlie Sheen was still in it. So for 9 year old me this was the coolest thing ever.
    Suggested by @chloeabzzz
  21. I have met and collected autographs from various athletes.
    For example, this is me with Darrel Arthur of the Denver Nuggets. 💛🏀💙
    Suggested by @Heartsounds
  22. Guillaume Canet. I met him in a bar in Le Cap Ferret. He was shorter than I thought but very cute.
    For those who don't know him he's a famous French director and actor and he's with Marion Cotillard.
    Suggested by @solena
  23. Antonio Banderas ate lunch two days in a row at a restaurant I worked at, while filming that spongebob movie in Savannah. He likes turkey burgers.
    Suggested by @sarahsolene
  24. Salma Hayek is my cousins Godmother. She came to my grandmas house and had dinner. She picked him up from school several times to increase his cool factor.
    She's very nice, and down to earth.
    Suggested by @Boogie
  25. When Chris Webber played for the Kings, we lived in the same town and I hugged him once♥️and I've cleaned the teeth of a few famous peeps..General Chuck Yaeger's, the lead actress from The Never Ending Story (Tami Stronach) and William Holden's son, also the guy from the Avengers series (Pat Macnee) and the almost governor of CA, Dan Lundgren.
    Suggested by @cvlop61
  26. Zachary Levi
    As if I don't talk about him enough 😂😉
    Suggested by @laneeeee_sue
  27. Jamie Grace (Christian pop singer), Family Force 5 (Alt. Christian Rock Band), B. Reith x2 (Christian Rap/Soul/R&B Singer)
    Jane Krakowski, Laura Benanti, Nicholas Barasch, Tom McGowan, and Gavin Creel (all from She Loves Me, the Broadway musical. Zachary is the only one I got a picture with, and yes, I regret that 😕)
    Suggested by @laneeeee_sue
  28. I don't feel like words are even needed. 😉
    Suggested by @MissJess
  29. Can't find the picture but I met Pharrell at the airport in Atlanta. How typical ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
    Suggested by @What2List