Inspired by @k8mcgarry who was inspired by @marymurphy
  1. Stop apologizing for your existence.
  2. Gut feelings are real. It's called the enteric nervous system and SCIENCE DOESN'T LIE.
    That's also the coolest thing you've learned in college so far.
  3. Doritos are CRAP, stop giving them a second chance.
  4. Maryland is BELOW the Mason Dixon line, so technically, you're from the South.
  5. Judgment only has one e.
  6. Someday, when you have dogs of your own, you want dress them up in Halloween costumes and coordinate your costume with theirs.
  7. Pictures are hung, people are hanged.
  8. Take your laptop out of your backpack before you put your backpack through security screening at the airport.
    If you get in trouble for that one more time, they're going to put you on the goddamn no-fly list!
  9. You're fucking awesome and don't let anyone tell you otherwise.