1. First year: started packing in June, and packed and repacked my stuff constantly.
  2. Second year: thought to myself in mid-August "hey, I should probably start packing for school."
  3. First year: triple checked everything before I packed it and checked it again after I packed it.
  4. Second year: threw everything into boxes and sent it on its way.
  5. First year: was texting my roommates constantly to figure out things like bed arrangements, rugs, microwaves, fridges, and more.
  6. Second year: texted my roommate a few times and called it a day.
  7. First year: had my class schedule finalized in June.
  8. Second year: enrolled in a class at the airport on my way to school.
  9. First year: during move in, I had a good idea of where everything was in the boxes and was able to unpack accordingly.
  10. Second year: spent half of move in yelling "where is it?? I know I packed it!!!" And tearing through all my boxes.
  11. First year: unpacked all of my stuff within 24 hours of moving in.
  12. Second year: tripped over my packed suitcase and duffel bag on my way to class.
  13. First year: got totally lost trying to find places.
  14. Second year: I don't want to talk about it.