Inspired by @amieshmamie
  1. Reading:
    I like to read more than one book sometimes.
  2. Watching: (TV edition)
    @Boogie gave me her Hulu password (Thanks Boog!) and I'm watching this for the first time! It's delightful.
  3. Watching: (Movie edition)
    This was AMAZING! My mom and I saw it today.
  4. Exploring:
    This partially frozen waterfall. My mom and I are in the Poconos for the weekend and we hiked up here with our dogs yesterday.
  5. Wearing:
    This beanie. I'm never taking it off.
  6. Rocking:
    My purple sparkly nails. I usually never have polish on my fingernails, but my mom, sister, cousin, and I got manicures in Utah and I'm REALLY into my choice.
  7. Excited for:
    The People Vs. O.J. Simpson coming to Netflix on February 2nd! I'm so excited to watch it.