(The father of the Stanford swimmer who was just charged for sexual assault).
  1. It's not "20 minutes of action" if the two (or more) people haven't given consent. It's a crime.
    Learn the fucking difference.
  2. I don't care about how this has affected your son's life. I care about his victim, and how this has affected her life.
    Maybe if you spent 5 minutes thinking about someone other than your son, you would realize that he's not the only one who has had his life turned upside down. The only difference is that he did this to himself, and she didn't ask for this to be done to her.
  3. I don't care about what kind of kid your son was before this incident. That doesn't change what he did.
    Haven't you ever heard that actions speak louder than words?
  4. What your son did was disgusting, but your defense of him is despicable. I don't understand how you could possibly expect anyone to agree with you.
  5. You have made me sick to my stomach with your dismissal of the horrible crime that your son has committed.
  6. I understand that people make mistakes. But mistakes come with consequences, so stop trying to shield your son from facing his consequences.
    You need to check your privilege, your definition of "rapist", and realize that if your son was so concerned about his future and his well-being, he should have made better choices.
  7. This statement is making America extremely angry, and for good reason. I hope you find yourself losing friends, losing clients/business, and being treated differently by the people around you.
    Because like I said, mistakes have consequences, and releasing this vile statement was a mistake. And maybe if you start to realize that, you will be enlightened and understand that you are not any better than anyone else. Or maybe you won't. It's your choice.
  8. I hope that you and your family learn from this experience. You probably won't, because you're too busy whining about not being treated like a prince, but I hope you will.