1. We've only known each other for a short time, (a little over 24 hours in fact) and I can already tell that we are going to be good friends.
  2. You look like an ordinary pair of shorts, but you're so much more than that.
  3. You came into my life at a time when I was feeling really crappy about my body, after gaining some weight during my freshman year of college.
  4. After gaining this weight, all of my clothes felt tight, and I had a hard time feeling good about myself because I just felt so different.
  5. I kept wearing these same clothes even though I didn't feel comfortable in them, because I didn't want to accept that I had gained weight.
  6. But then my mom found you, and you're a size bigger than I used to wear, and you have a different shape, and you are so comfortable, cool, and make me feel amazing.
  7. And now, thanks to you, I finally feel at home again in my own body. I don't feel ashamed about how I look or what size I wear.
  8. Because my clothing size is literally just a fucking number. It's a number, like my social security number or the number on my driver's license. Sure, it's a number that's attached to me, but it doesn't define me.
  9. I've never cared about anyone else's clothing size, so why do I care about my own? It's not a measurement of my beauty, or my self worth.
  10. I got caught up in what I saw in the mirror and on the scale because I forgot that I'm still me. I forgot that beauty is internal, not external, and beauty comes in all different shapes and sizes.
  11. I became obsessed with wanting to fit into my old clothes because I wanted to remember a time when I felt good about my body.
  12. And you know what? Just because I felt good about my body then doesn't mean I can't feel good about my body now.
  13. Just because it's different doesn't have to mean it's worse.
  14. Thank you for giving me my confidence back. I don't know where it's been, but you found it for me. You rock for that.
  15. Welcome to my life. I hope you enjoy the ride.
  16. Sincerely,
  17. Lexie