Requested by gagneet


Oh heck yes, @gagneet. I did a combination of characters from books, movies, and tv shows.
  1. Ron Swanson
    I'm not totally sure he would want to be in my entourage (Reasons why Ron Swanson would hate me) but he would be SO WELCOME.
  2. Red and Kitty Forman
    I love the way they balance each other out, and I love them individually and as a couple.
  3. Phoebe Buffay
    I'm obsessed with her. She's the BEST.
  4. Miranda Bailey
    She is easily the best character on Grey's. She would keep it real, share intelligence, and inspire me to be my best.
  5. Matilda
    She would have so many book suggestions, and is overall just a badass and amazing human.
  6. Mandy
    So Julie Andrews (yes, the queen) wrote this book about a girl and it's amazing and it's been one of my favorites since I was little. Mandy is so amazing and she would be welcome in my group.
  7. Taystee Jefferson
    She cracks me up, and she's also so kind and I think we would get along well.
  8. Toto
    He is my favorite. I love him so much.
  9. Elle Woods
    I love how beautiful she is and how she sees the beauty in others. It's such a great quality.