Fictional Houses and Apartments I would move into tomorrow

  1. The Copenhagen apartment in The Danish Girl
    This made me wish that I could paint so I would have an excuse to get this apartment.
  2. The house/apartment in The Princess Diaries
    A FIRE POLE? Come on!
  3. Elsa's castle
    The cold doesn't bother me either.
  4. Anakin's house in The Phantom Menace
    I think I might be a little too tall for this place, but I'll make it work.
  5. Padme's home in Naboo
    It's right near the water, and it's gorgeous.
  6. The house from The Notebook
    Does Ryan Gosling come with it?
  7. The house from Up
    Come on, the mailbox? That's ADORABLE
  8. Hanna's house from Pretty Little Liars
    It has a white picket fence!
  9. Spencer's house from Pretty Little Liars
    I like how it comes with the barn in the backyard.
  10. Molly's apartment from Uptown Girls
    This place was SICK
  11. Desi's house in Gone Girl
    Okay I understand that this place was creepy as FUCK but come on that house was amazing
  12. The Murtaughs' lake house in Cheaper By the Dozen 2
    Make sure you check out the china, it was a gift from the King of Thailand.