Inspired by @theshome
  1. This was my first Halloween:
    The year was 1997 and @madisonelizabeth and I were cats.
  2. The Little Mermaid!
    Fun fact: these costumes were later recalled.
  3. Star Wars!
    Technically @madisonelizabeth and I wore the same costume and it was Padme's outfit from Attack of the Clones, but we always pretended that I was Princess Leia and she was Padme.
  4. Sleeping Beauty/Princess Aurora
    She's one of my favorite Disney princesses.
  5. Corpse Bride
    This was an interesting choice.
  6. Daisy Buchanan
    This was two years ago, for my friend's Halloween party. I love this costume and it's still in my closet at my parents' house. Note: my hair wasn't actually this short, my mom just folded it up underneath.
  7. Shoutout to @lpabbott for sending me these pics since all of the pictures are at my parents' house 😘