Requested by Karla

High on Ryan Gosling

    An actual perfect human specimen.
  2. He had this adorable reaction to the Oscars mishap.
    It turned out that he heard all the commotion backstage (because the wrong winner had been announced) and he was worried that someone was hurt, and he was so relieved to find out that everyone was okay that he made this face. What a guy.
  3. He and his sister are adorable.
  4. He gives amazing forehead kisses.
  5. Seriously.
  6. His arms look like this:
  7. He looks amazing in flannels.
  8. He's unbelievably meme worthy.
    And has a heart of gold, as evidenced by how nice he was to the tourists at the Oscars.
  9. His laugh is the only pure thing left in this world.