How I Met Your Mother "Bad News" Countdown

Major spoilers if you haven't seen the Season 6 episode "Bad News" yet. For those of you who don't know this piece of HIMYM trivia, the episode "Bad News" has a countdown from 50 to 1, when Marshall finds out that his dad has died. I won't lie, watching this and taking pictures broke my heart a little. Sorry for the shitty quality pics.
  1. 50
    The episode starts with Marshall and Lily at the doctor's office. There is a paper with the number 50 on it.
  2. 49
    The second time they go back to that same Doctor, the paper now has a 49 on it.
  3. 48
    The next scene cuts to the bar, where Marshall is holding a bottle with the number 48 on it.
  4. 47
    Then Barney comes in talking about his laser tag competition, which happens to be the 47th annual competition. It's been going on for a long time!
  5. 46
    When Lily meets Dr. Stangal, there's a framed degree on the wall with the number 46 on it.
  6. 45
    Cut back to the bar, and there's a card on the table advertising 45 cent hot wings. Good deal!
  7. 44
    In the same scene, it is revealed that MacLaren's has 44 beers on tap. That's a lot!
  8. 43 and 42
    When Marshall goes with Lily to Dr. Stangal's office, he is looking at a pamphlet that has the numbers 43 and 42 on it.
  9. 41
    When Dr. Stangal closes the door, it reveals a poster with a 41 on it.
  10. 40
    We cut to Robin and Ted's apartment, where Ted is reading 40 of New York's greatest landmarks.
  11. 39
    Robin starts talking about her day, where we see that one of World Wide News' rooms is number 39.
  12. 38
    And one of Robin's coworkers is reading a newspaper, informing us that the temperature is 38 degrees today.
  13. 37
    We then go to Marshall and Lily's apartment, where Lily is reading 37 Recipes for Holiday Leftovers.
  14. 36
    Marshall calls his dad, and we cut to his dad's wood shop, where he is drinking a beer with the number 36 on it.
  15. 35 and 34
    We then join Robin at work, where a TV screen behind her reveals that the stock market is up 35.34 points.
  16. 33
    Still at Robin's work, we find out that 33 miners were rescued from a collapsed mine.
  17. 32, 31, 30, 29, 28, and 27
    We find out that these are today's winning lottery numbers.
  18. 26
    Marshall wants to call his dad, but stops, and we cut to Marvin in his wood shop, reading 26 Home Improvement Shortcuts.
  19. 25
    We come back to Ted and Robin's apartment, where Ted is reading America's 25 Greatest Bridges.
  20. 24
    Robin recaps her day, where this guy was reading a magazine with a basketball player, who is number 24, on the cover.
  21. 23
    While we're getting a recap of Robin's most embarrassing moments, we are treated to this clip, on Metro News 23.
  22. 22
    And her work in Japan, that was on Channel 22.
  23. 21
    When Marshall goes to Dr. Stangal's to see if he's fertile, we see that the date is January 21, 2011.
  24. 20
    When Marshall goes to make his sperm donation, the private room is number 20.
  25. 19
    The porno magazine in the bathroom where Marshall is supposed to make his donation has the number 19 on it.
  26. 18
    Marshall runs home to their apartment, which is number 18.
  27. 17 and 16
    Marshall holds up the container, which is number 1716.
  28. 15
    We cut back to Robin and Ted's apartment, where Robin is eating Bran Stix, which has 15 essential vitamins and minerals.
  29. 14 and 13
    Ted tells us how he dealt with Sandy Rivers, and we cut to Sandy's apartment, which is number 1413.
  30. 12
    We go back to Marshall and Lily's apartment, where there is a 12 Days of Christmas CD (I think it's a CD?) behind the couch.
  31. 11
    We head back to Ted and Robin's apartment, where Ted is reading about 11 of America's something.
  32. 10
    Robin brings her Robin Sparkles jacket to work to steer into the skid, and the jacket has the number 10 on it.
  33. 9
    When Marshall goes to Dr. Stangal (who is actually Barney in disguise this time) to get the results of his sperm, the file is number 9.
  34. 8
    When the real Dr. Stangal comes in and Barney leaves, the door number is revealed to be 8.
  35. 7
    We cut back to the bar, where Marshall is celebrating with the gang, with a bottle of champagne that has the number 7 on it.
  36. 6
    When Dr. Stangal picks up Marshall's file, it now becomes number 6.
  37. 5
    Marshall and Barney do a "motility 5" to celebrate Marshall's amazing sperm results.
  38. 4
    We cut back to Dr. Stangal's office, where there is a poster detailing the 4 layers of the uterus.
  39. 3
    Marshall runs outside of MacLaren's to call his dad (who has died at this point 💔), and it's shown that MacLauren's is open until 3am.
  40. 2
    We cut to Marvin's empty wood shop (💔💔💔💔), which has a clock that is showing the number 2.
  41. 1
    Lily's cab pulls up (so she can tell him that his dad died) and the cab has the number 1 on top.
  42. Then Lily tells Marshall that his dad died of a heart attack.
  43. My heart looks like this: 💔