This is a companion list to this one: ALL THE THINGS I WANTED AT COSTCO BUT DIDN'T BUY BUT IF SOMEONE BOUGHT FOR ME I WOULDN'T BE MAD thank you @boygirlparty for the request!!! ❤️❤️❤️
  1. I've decided to break this down into multiple parts of the inflatable island, and how I would use each part.
  2. Step 1 is finding a lake to put this on. I'm thinking either Lake Wallenpaupack, which is really close to my grandparents,
  3. Or Deep Creek Lake, which is about 3 hours from my house in Maryland, and where my friend has a house.
  4. Step 2 is finding people to sit on the island with me.
    That's a lot of people on the island in the picture. I don't like that many people.
  5. I'm thinking my parents, because they're probably going to pay for it, and maybe my sister @madisonelizabeth, but she's pretty annoying.
    There we all are at my sister's graduation.
  6. I'll have to fill those ice buckets, so we can keep our drinks cold.
  7. 6 drink holders!! So I'll have to choose a drink.
    I'm thinking coke or root beer.
  8. Anchor bag included!!!!
    Yes!!!!! We can just sit for dayssssss
  9. Built in swim up platform!!!!
    So I can go swimming.
  10. In conclusion, I'll take my family out to a TBD lake with drinks and ice, and we'll swim and enjoy the lake and drink refreshments.