Okay so I was watching The Office and I started to think that Plop was cute, so I looked him up to see what other movies he was in, and I saw that he was in Obvious Child, which I had read from other List appers was amazing, so I watched it on Amazon and now I'm captain of the feels bus.
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    No, but really.
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    I just have so much I want to talk about.
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    I won't lie, going into this I was a little worried that Jenny Slate's performance as Mona Lisa Saperstein was her actual personality and I wasn't sure if I could bear that for 1 hour and a half.
    But fortunately that was not the case and Jenny Slate is actually delightful. I forgot about Mona Lisa Saperstein for the entire movie, which is good because she sucks.
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    Anyway, Jenny Slate was hilarious, and I really liked that her stand up comedy made it into the movie.
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    Basically Jenny Slate was killing it, and then all of a sudden.. ENTER PLOP
    He's adorable.
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    And their banter is so cute, and it's so obvious they're going to hit it off.
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    Although I won't lie, the farting scene made me uncomfortable. Mainly because I was embarrassed for Max.
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    But when they're dancing to 🎀Obvious Child I was like ahhhhh that's so cute.
    Also movie features its namesake music.
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    And their kiss was πŸ”₯
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    I was a little disappointed that she left without saying goodbye, just because that's such a cliche, but I can forgive that.
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    Also how perfect is her best friend, Nellie? They really sound like real best friends, not just movie best friends.
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    The rest of Donna and Max's interactions are awkward and adorable.
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    And the butter warming scene? πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯
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    It did bother me how long she took to tell him. Like I understand that it's hard, but this is happening to him too and he deserves to know.
    That might be an unpopular opinion but that's what I think.
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    I think the unsung MVP of this movie was Donna's mom.
    The scene in her bed is so relatable (who hasn't wanted to crawl into bed with their mom??) and she delivers the funniest joke of the movie, the one about Alzheimer's and deodorant.
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    I also really didn't agree with Donna telling Max that she was pregnant and having an abortion through her stand up. He didn't deserve to find out like that and she could have handled that way better.
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    However, the ending scene made me cry. It was just so sweet and adorable how nice Max was being and I just had this emotional build up from the whole movie.
    I think they're going to be okay.
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    Anyway, just over here and I can't stop feeling, so if you watched this movie too and want to talk about it, please comment! My brain is going crazy