1. It helps with cleaning.
    Okay this one does make sense. It would be a lot faster to just mop underneath all the stalls at the same time instead of having to go into each one individually.
  2. It'll help if there's a medical emergency.
    All right this one also makes sense. If I pass out in a bathroom stall, I would like someone else to notice it so that I don't die or something.
  3. It stops people from having sex in the stalls.
    But people still do? I feel like if you're willing to have sex in a public bathroom a gap from the floor to the stall really isn't going to stop you.
  4. It's cheaper for the owner.
    Sorry, I really don't care about it being cheaper for the owner. But I understand why they would make that choice.
  5. It's easier to see that someone is using the stall.
    Thus preventing awkward knocking. I understand that too but sometimes you don't need to knock because the gaps are big enough to SEE THE PERSON USING THE TOILET.
  6. People can pass you toilet paper
    This also makes sense. No one wants to be left without toilet paper.
  7. You can't really lock yourself in there.
    Giphy downsized medium
    Even if the door won't work, you can just crawl under the door. And then go home and take a 3 hour long shower because EW.
  8. Okay most of these make sense but I still don't like how people can identify you by your shoes...