Okay it was a dream about someone on li.st, not the actual app itself, but still IT COUNTS. Inspired by @marginally_amazing
  1. Okay this is super weird. Buckle up for some weirdness.
  2. Okay so in this dream I like surprised @amieshmamie (who was in the car with her friends and her daughter).
    I don't remember who exactly the friends were, but it was two women (and neither one of them was @justjills). It wasn't like a li.st meet up or anything I just like tagged along on some adventure. I don't know. I didn't get all the details.
  3. These two friends, Amie's daughter Ellie, and I were riding in the trunk of the car and Amie was driving.
    We didn't have seats, which is like super unsafe, but okay.
  4. And these two friends told me some story about Ellie.
    It had to do with the Titanic (which happened over 100 years ago, but okay) and how someone had dropped some coins on Ellie's head, because the Titanic had crashed into some coin boat (okay I KNOW that's not what happened but okay).
  5. And so Ellie had gotten some big money from this coin boat (do coin boats even exist???).
  6. And one of the women had a secret that "couldn't leave this car" that she told me.
    I don't remember what this secret was.
  7. And then we pulled up to this pizza place, and for some reason my parents were there.
  8. And that was the end of the dream.