The kids I nanny for had this book, and I loved it as soon as I read the title.
  1. I like myself!
  2. I'm glad I'm me.
  3. There's no one else I'd rather be.
  4. I like my eyes, my ears, my nose.
  5. I like my fingers and toes.
  6. I like me wild.
  7. I like me tame.
  8. I like me different and the same.
  9. I like me fast. I like me slow.
  10. I like me everywhere I go.
  11. I like me on the inside too, for all I think and say and do.
  12. Inside, outside, upside down, from head to toe and all around, I like it all! It is all me! And me is all I want to be.
  13. And I don't care in any way what someone else may think or say.
  14. I may be called a silly nut, or crazy-cuckoo bird- so what? I'm having too much fun, you see, for anything to bother me!
  15. Even when I look a mess, I still don't like me any less, 'cause nothing in this world, you know, can change what's deep inside, and so...
  16. No matter if they stop and stare, no person ever anywhere can make me feel that what they see is all there really is to me.
  17. I'd still like me with fleas or warts, or with a silly snout that snorts, or knobby knees or hippo hips or purple polka-dotted lips, or beaver breath or stinky toes or horns protruding from my nose, or-yikes!- with spikes all down my spine, or hair that's like a porcupine.
  18. I still would be the same, you see...
  19. I like myself because I'm ME!
  20. —————————————————
  21. Today, I wasn't expecting to find a book to put on my favorites list, or one that I would put on my list of books for my kids, but I did. ❤️