If Mean Girls Took Place in 2016

  1. When Janis asked Cady how to spell her name, she would be looking Cady up on Facebook.
    Of course, Cady wouldn't have a Facebook.
  2. Instead of these girls saying that Regina met John Stamos on a plane, they would say that he liked one of her tweets once and responded that she was pretty.
  3. The "Susan From Planned Parenthood" scene would have gone differently, because kids today don't know how to connect from information.
    She would have to get Taylor's number from someone else.
  4. Mrs. George would definitely friend all of the girls on Facebook.
  5. During the scene in Regina's room, instead of listening to the radio, they would listen to Spotify on someone's iPhone.
    Cady would of course be very new to iPhones and the girls would have to show her how they work. They would also make her get all the social media accounts so they could all laugh at what other people post.
  6. Regina would definitely post one of these pictures on her Instagram and it would get over 300 likes.
  7. In the scene where Regina tells Aaron that Cady's obsessed with him, she would say that Cady stalked all of his social media accounts and screenshotted a bunch of them.
  8. Instead of going on The South Beach Fat Flush (the cranberry juice diet), Regina would go on a gluten free diet and would have a Pinterest board dedicated to diets.
  9. This beautiful scene wouldn't have happened because they would have just been playing the song on someone's iPhone.
  10. The Kalteen bars would have gone over very well because people are all about protein bars these days.
  11. In this scene, Principal Duvall would have said that Regina George and Aaron Samuels were seen canoodling at the Halloween party, and they've been posting pictures on social media together ever since.
  12. Instead of suggesting Taco Bell, Karen would recommend they go to Chipotle.
  13. Instead of saying "you could try Sears" the lady would say "you could try Target."
    I love Target, but you know Regina George wouldn't shop there.
  14. Instead of the three-way calling attacks, they would just text each other and send the screenshots to the other girls.
  15. And instead of going back and forth between phone lines, Karen would just be texting them at the same time, and she would accidentally send a text to Gretchen that was meant for Regina.
    This also means that she would just text Regina that she was sick, and she wouldn't have to do the little fake cough.
  16. And Regina would just text this to Karen instead of saying it.
  17. Instead of saying this, Regina would say, "you can Uber home bitches."
  18. Regina would find out about Cady's party because she saw the Snapchat stories and Instagram pictures, not by driving to her house.
  19. During this scene, all of the girls would be texting and tweeting that they were being held against their wills.
  20. Everyone would look up this girl on Facebook after the trust exercise.
  21. Everyone would post on Regina's Facebook page and donate to her GoFundMe after her accident instead of sending flowers.
  22. Karen would have a YouTube Channel of her doing the weather using her special talent.
    She would also have a special Twitter account and Instagram account for her weather YouTube channel. She would definitely become YouTube famous.
  23. When Cady mentioned that Aaron went to Northwestern, she would say that they FaceTime a lot.