Chosen from the Royal family names. Okay Harry has been dodging my phone calls but WHATEVER he'll fall in love with me soon enough
  1. Caroline
    I LOVE this name. It's so cute, spunky, and very underused in the royal family (the last British princess to have this name died in 1821). If we have a daughter, this will almost definitely be her name.
  2. Alexandra
    My name is Lexie, so I think we would have to demote this name to a middle name, but it's still very pretty and I like it a lot!
  3. Marina
    This name is gorgeous, and again, very underused in the Royal family. I think Caroline's little sister would be named Marina.
  4. Louise
    I think this name is so sweet and defined, and I would love it as a middle name. I probably wouldn't use it as a first name because of Harry's cousin, but as a middle name it would be lovely!
  5. Elizabeth
    Not only is this Harry's grandmother's name, but it's also my sister's middle name (and my mom's old middle name). This name would definitely be an option if we had a baby, especially because there are so many nicknames that can come from it. My personal favorite is Beth.
  6. Arthur
    I think this name is classic and nice. If we had a son, this would almost definitely be his name. It also hasn't been a first name in the Royal family for a long time, which is a plus.
  7. Patrick
    This is one of the middle names of Queen Victoria's 3rd son. This name hasn't been used in a long time and I would definitely consider it as a middle name.
  8. William
    I would definitely consider using this as a middle name. Not only is it Harry's brother's name, but it's also my paternal grandfather's name.
  9. David
    This is one of Harry's middle names, and I think it would make a nice middle name for a boy, plus it's my cousin's middle name.
  10. Obviously we would need to find some more names if we are going to name 3 kids and give them each about 3 names, but I think this is a good start!