Instagram Comments

There is truly no gift to this world better than the comments section of a celebrity's Instagram pics. Let's dig in!
  1. Lauren Lapkus, a comedian and delightful person, posted this photo of her wearing a "Men Aren't Funny" t-shirt.
    And the comments section proves that the reigning champion for Most Fragile Beings is still Men's Egos.
  2. Aidan came back with this zinger.
    Wonder how long it took him to come up with this one.
  3. And Becky was concerned about if this shirt makes women "good feminists."
  4. This guy came in with a unique version of "Not All Men."
  5. Fire Dragon pointed out how challenging it is to become a comedian when you're a woman. Thanks Fire Dragon!
  6. Big Boy Fletch came in with the Actually, comment, so be sure to mark that one off on the Misogyny Bingo!
  7. Tyler came in with this straight up lie.
    Thanks for playing, Tyler!
  8. "Oh you beautiful woman, how cute of you to come out and play. But, come on, the men are talking, sweetheart."
  9. And my personal favorite, as well as the winner of this comment section, The Funny Guy: