1. Okay, just a quick note about B.J.'s "Into It" idea- I did that WAY before he did
    Into it note the date- December 6, 2016.
  2. And then B.J. did it, 11 days later.
    It's fine, @bjnovak. don't even worry about it. (It's not fine you'll be hearing from my lawyers soon).
  3. I worry a lot about what kind of wife or girlfriend I could be with my mental illnesses. This article gave me some hope that it might be possible for me.
  4. The Babysitters Club Club Podcast
    It's two middle aged men reading these books and talking about them. It's very amusing and makes my commute much better.
  5. Chrissy Teigen's essay on Postpartum depression: http://www.glamour.com/story/chrissy-teigen-postpartum-depression
    I related to so much of this (even though my depression is not postpartum because I've never given birth). When she spoke about being short with people and having so much physical pain, my heart went out to her because I've experienced the same thing.
  6. Lorde's new song Green Light
    I listened to it 7 times on my way to school this morning. My sister @madisonelizabeth showed it to me.
  7. Going through all my people magazines and cutting out my favorite parts so I can recycle the rest.
    I think I've thrown out maybe 5 of my weekly People magazines since 2013, so I've built up quite a collection.
  8. Kong: Skull Island
    I saw it last night and it was SO GOOD. It's funny, has tons of action, and you get to stare at Brie Larson and Thomas Mann!
  9. Crazy Ex-Girlfriend
    It's such a clever show, and I love the writing and Rachel Bloom and Paula.
  10. Love Season 2 on Netflix
    I watched it all yesterday (I WAS SICK ON THE COUCH LEAVE ME ALONE) and it was great.
  11. Lorde's new song Liability
    I told my sister that I'm naming my first child Liability because of Lorde.
  12. This photo of Brie Larson and her fiancé.
  13. Grace and Frankie Season 3
    This is such a fun show, and this season has been really funny. I'm realizing that I am both Grace and Frankie.
  14. It's a bunch of lovely TV quotes. I'm really into quotes right now.
  15. This exchange between Brie Larson and a fan:
  16. Kids by One Republic
  17. Chewing Gum on Netflix
  18. It's my favorite takedown of Ivanka by far