1. Yes I know I'm super late and you all had your listiversaries in October.
  2. I joined this app on April 24, 2016.
    I remember because it was the day before my 19th birthday. And now I turn 20 tomorrow! 😱
  3. You guys are some of the raddest people on the internet/in the world.
  4. I love your lists, but I love the people behind them more.
  5. Special shoutouts to @theshome, @karlalucia, @Boogie, @hillary79, and @MissJess for being my girl gang.
    They're proof that even if you're a completely shitty person, you can still have lovely friends who care about you.
  6. And shoutout to @talor for being 1 million times lovelier in person than she is online (which I didn't think was possible)
  7. And to @veshecco, @minalkhan, @aliciamcelhaney, @jessilee23, @sarahte, @kaydbug89, @Lisa_Fav, @k8mcgarry, @dreadpiratemama, and more for making twitter li.st such a fun place to be
  8. @sarahmccoy, thank you for being my Brie Larson fan club co president and Disney channel movie expert
  9. @amieshmamie and @justjills, thank you for sharing your friendship and individual amazingness with all of us.
  10. There's no way that's everyone but I can't think of more names right now
  11. @bjnovak, thanks for making this app. Can we get a web version please?