Inspired by @blisssara and @mnickwrites (note: my math is probably not as good as @blisssara's because we can't all be accounting majors)
  1. Pay my dad back for the portion of my college tuition that I owe: 💰 $29,054
  2. Pay for the rest of my college tuition, room and board (minus the part that my dad has agreed to pay for): 💰$87,162
    We have a payment plan worked out, this money will just speed that up.
  3. Buy a lake house with a pool in Lexington, North Carolina: 💰$374,900
    I found this amazing house in Lexington, North Carolina, which is perfect because that's my name! I plan to make this my vacation home until I graduate from college, when I'll move here full time. It has my dream kitchen, but it only has two bedrooms, so a renovation might be in order.
  4. Buy 2 jet skis for the lake: 💰$12,998
  5. Give my sister @madisonelizabeth 💰$80,000 to help with her college loans.
  6. Buy my family a tiny house to put on our land back in the woods: 💰$80,000
    My family and I were watching Tiny House Hunters and my mom kept saying "we need a tiny house for the Old Place!" It's technically my grandpa's property but I think he'd be on board. Plus we want it to be portable, so my parents can move the tiny house. "We'll put it at the Old Place, we'll put it on your lawn, we'll put it on Maddie's lawn. You'll just look out the window and boom, tiny house!" My parents are ridiculous.
  7. Money left: 💰$335,886
  8. Get my Master's of Science in Nursing: 💰$50,000
  9. Adopt two dogs: 💰$200
  10. Buy @bjnovak's audiobook of One More Thing (Stories and Other Stories): 💰$20.95
    Yes I'm that broke I can't afford a $20 book. College is tough, gang.
  11. Buy myself a glamping trailer so I can travel the USA: 💰$23,500
  12. Replace the cabinets in my glamping trailer: 💰5,677.99
    I want white cabinets, not brown ones.
  13. Replace the curtains in my new glamping trailer: 💰1,246.56
    I'm thinking blue or pink.
  14. Buy new sheets and pillows for my glamping trailer: 💰$94.85
  15. Turn the second sleeping area of my glamping trailer into a bed for my dogs: 💰$19.95
  16. Buy myself a new MacBook Pro 13-inch: 💰$1,299
  17. Buy a Ford-F150 because the glamping trailer isn't going to pull itself around: 💰$51,390
  18. Buy a brand new Honda Civic Sedan: 💰$18,640
    I'm going to name her Josie.
  19. Go skydiving: 💰$300
  20. Take a Segway tour of Washington D.C and tour the White House with my sister: 💰$150
    We've lived 20 minutes outside of D.C. for our whole lives, yet we've never toured the White House nor taken a Segway tour. We plan to do all of these touristy things before our parents move in 2-3 years.
  21. Money left: 💰$183,346.70
  22. Take my parents and my sister on a trip to Ireland: 💰$8,420.40
    It's on my travel bucket list, and I know my sister really wants to go there too.
  23. Spend an entire summer hiking the PCT and be like Cheryl Strayed: 💰$6,000
  24. Take my family to Hawaii: 💰$8,500
  25. Take my family to England: 💰$12,000
  26. Spend the day at a spa: 💰$200
  27. Money left: 💰$148,226.30
  28. Buy COOLERZ Tiki Breeze Floating Island: 💰$169.99
    Because this has become a staple of my list account and hello, now I have a lake to put it on!
  29. Take three of my best friends to Vegas: 💰$1,576
  30. Buy myself an elliptical: 💰$1,599
    Because I fucking hate the gym because of the other people.
  31. Save 💰$144,881.31 for a rainy day.