My sister, 4 cousins, and I went swimming in our creek on Saturday. It was a lot of fun and a lot of (terrible) jokes popped into my head.
  1. This is important for context: there were six of us total, three boys and three girls. My sister and I are siblings and the other 4 cousins are siblings.
    Okay, now onto the jokes!
  2. *when I was the only girl swimming with the three boys*: "wow, I am the only true feminist here. This is a feminist act."
  3. *cont from above* "Girl power! Lean in! PINK!"
  4. *still being the only girl swimming with the boys* "I'm not like other girls."
  5. *i swam up to my sister and female cousin, who were standing on a rock in the water* "you guys are like a couple of wine moms without wine."
  6. It was a fun weekend.
    also, the majority of the 6 of us are at least 20 years old. That's DISGUSTING.