Inspired by @amymairee this has been in my drafts for a disgustingly long time, but I really miss my dogs and that has given me the motivation to finish this list!
  1. So I've talked about my dogs in past lists, but I've never dedicated a list completely to them and their stories.
    They've both been on a pretty amazing journey!
  2. This is Chandler Erica Mayhem.
    Yes she was named after Chandler Bing. Her middle name comes from my dad (his name is Eric) and it was originally just Mae but then my mom started calling her Chandler Erica Mayhem as a joke and it just stuck.
  3. Chandler is a Jack Russell Terrier maybe Westie mix?
    We totally see the Jack Russell part we're just not too sure about the Westie part.
  4. Chandler and her mom and 6 siblings were found abandoned in a barn in Kentucky.
    They think the dog found with the puppies is their mom, and she is a Westie, which is why Chandler might be a Westie, she just doesn't look like one. The puppies were brought from Kentucky to Frederick, Maryland, to be adopted, and that's how we got her!
  5. This is her the day that we got her.
    I took this picture of her and @madisonelizabeth on my flip phone. #throwback
  6. Chandler was born on October 14, 2008, and we adopted her on January 3, 2009.
    We're not positive of her birthday because of her unknown past, but we know it's in mid-October, and we like to have our dogs born on the 14th. I remember the day we got her because it was my grandpa's birthday and @lpabbott said, "make sure to call Grandpa and tell him that for his birthday we got ourselves a puppy."
  7. Chandler hates dog food and when the mailman delivers our mail, and loves giving kisses, going on walks, and getting her neck scratched.
    She is both the sassiest and the sweetest girl, and she is seriously the best. I adore her.
  8. Chandler's younger but bigger sister is Kennedy Grace, our lab pit bull mix.
    She is the biggest doofus I've ever met in my life.
  9. Kennedy was born on August 14, 2013 (again, she's a rescue dog, so that's just a guess), and we adopted her on July 5, 2014.
    We adopted her from a rescue organization, and they got her from a shelter. We think she might have had a family before she wound up in the shelter, but we just don't know.
  10. She loves snuggling, dog food, and people.
    She is seriously the most social dog. She wants to be friends with every dog and person she sees. She is by far the most social member of our family.
  11. Deciding on her name was a long process. We made her middle name Grace after Hazel Grace Lancaster of The Fault in Our Stars, but her first name took a long time to agree on.
    Eventually @madisonelizabeth was just like, "what about Kennedy?" And we liked it.
  12. Chandler and Kennedy are pretty sure they're mountain dogs, and Kennedy would definitely say that they are best friends, but Chandler's not so sure.
    She loves Kennedy, I think she just gets a little overwhelmed by her sometimes.
  13. Anyway, these are my two little buddies and I love them quite a bit.
  14. Note: our dog Joey died in February of 2014, and she will have her own list coming up.