, as told by gifs

  1. When one of your lists trends:
  2. When a lister you love follows you:
    (This is stage one)
  3. The pep talk you give yourself when the lister you love follows you:
    (This is stage two)
  4. When someone writes a list and you're just like "SAME SAME SAME I AGREE WITH EVERY WORD OF THIS"
  5. Deciding to relist something:
  6. When you spend all this time on a list and you think it will trend but then like 5 people like it:
  7. When BJ notices you:
  8. Watching drama unfold:
  9. When you discover an unnoticed amazing list, relist it, and it goes on to trend:
  10. What it was like when I downloaded this app:
  11. Ultimately, how you feel about this app and all of the people on it: