@angela3950's post the other day about who had the first list (investigation here: FIRST LISTS-SINCE YOU BROUGHT IT UP...WHO EXACTLY WROTE THE FIRST ONE?) got me wondering about some other li.st records. Let me know if I'm wrong or if you think of a record that needs to be on here!
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    First list: Favorite Startup Quotes ➕by @mkz Favorite Startup Quotes
    He was lister #1!
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    List with the most likes: SIX TRUE THINGS ABOUT DINNER WITH OBAMA by @Bourdain SIX TRUE THINGS ABOUT DINNER WITH OBAMA with 1,889 likes
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    Lister who has liked the most lists: @kcupcaker with 25,700 likes
    It has frequently been said that @kcupcaker is one of the most supportive listers here, liking tons of lists daily, and the numbers support it.
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    Lister who has the most followers: @bjnovak with 109,500 followers
    This is no surprise to anyone. He is also the only lister who has reached 100,000 followers.
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    Lister who is following the most people: @PeteOnEarth with 9,997 following
    He was the one who discovered that li.st caps you at 10,000 accounts to follow. Damnit, @list!
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    Lister who has relisted the most lists: @Nicholas with 4,229 relists
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    Lister who has posted the most lists: @sarahgorman with 925 lists
    I wonder if there's a limit to how many lists you can post.
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    List with the most relists: My pitch for a 2016 episode about The Office about the 2016 election by @hollis with 560 relists My pitch for a 2016 episode of The Office about the 2016 election.
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    List with the most emoji's used
    Suggested by @BWN_7
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    *note: if you want to make a suggestion of another record or if I'm wrong and you want to correct me, please include evidence of this (screenshots and links are probably best).
    Commenting "I think I saw a list one time that had 2,000 likes but I can't remember who wrote it or what it was called" is guaranteed to get you an eye roll. Other than that, I welcome your suggestions or being told I'm wrong!*