These are the ones that stick out in my mind when I felt the most, either happiness, sadness, in between, etc. These are in chronological order.
  1. When I was watching the episode of Parks and Rec when Ron goes to the health food store with Chris and Ron is marveling over all of the people buying health food.
    "Isn't nature amazing?"
  2. When I found out that my roommate (who was also my closest friend in college) was going to room with our friends next year and there wasn't any space for me.
    It's a long story. I felt so alone and immediately wanted my mom.
  3. When Brie Larson won her Oscar and I was so excited I couldn't go to sleep.
  4. When I took my writing class and I was reminded that I really like writing, and felt like this was where I belonged.
  5. When I took my organic chemistry exam. I was so overwhelmed and I knew I wasn't going to pass the class. After I finished the test, I went into the bathroom and cried so hard I couldn't stand up straight.
  6. When we were in Roatan and my sister was paddle boarding and made a huge spectacle of herself.
    It was really funny.
  7. When I asked my 17 year old cousin if he was watching The Office, he said "yeah" and I said "I love that show." And he said nothing.
    He's not a big talker, and this moment makes me laugh.
  8. The morning I woke up to discover that @talor was back.
    It was like a dream.
  9. When I went to my first WOWW meeting at school and found some awesome women who were funny, feminists, and truly kind.
  10. When I was discussing school with my counselor and I told him how overwhelmed I was and he suggested that maybe Nursing wasn't the right path for me.
    Nursing has been my dream since I was 13. It has never even occurred to me that it wasn't my path. I cried really hard and almost couldn't breathe.
  11. Watching CNN on election night, and waking up the next morning to find out that Donald Trump had won.
    The world felt very different and unfamiliar on that day.
  12. When I was sitting at the kitchen table with my grandparents, and I took out my pill box and my grandpa said, "I have that same pill box!"