I'm talking about the movies that remind you that humans are pretty damn amazing, and everyday, "boring" life is nothing to scoff at. These are some unglamorous, trick-free movies that really capture the beautiful experience of being alive. Add your suggestions!
  1. About Time
    This movie is about two people who met, fell in love, and how even though the husband can travel to any time period he wants, he still ultimately just wants to be with his wife and kids, and experience their amazing, unglamorous life.
  2. Blue Valentine
    This movie stars two people. Two people who say ordinary things, live ordinary lives, and aren't otherwise unbelievably noteworthy. It's uncomfortable at times because you really do feel like you're just sitting in on their conversations.
  3. The Spectacular Now
    I saw this movie when I was 16 and a junior in high school, and I 100% related to these two characters, who were experiencing very real and "ordinary" problems.
  4. The Way, Way Back
    Suggested by   @andersun
  5. Things I Never Told You, by Isabel Coixet.
    Indie jewel on life, love and death. It is also funny and endearing, and I love the cast!
    Suggested by   @LaiaPM
  6. In Your Eyes
    Two lonely people falling in love--who can also literally see through the other's eyes. @zoe is wonderful in this, as usual.
    Suggested by   @jb_piper
  7. Sing Street
    Every time I watch this I just feel good about everything. The story and characters feel very real and watching the band grow and create is just really inspiring.
    Suggested by   @finesse
  8. Once
    To people meet and bond through the one thing they share an equal understanding of: music. Their relationship flourishes through their attempts at production and love and the realities of family and surprises.
    Suggested by   @morganlynnperry
  9. Boyhood
    Just a regular life. Patricia Arquette's character is a beautiful hero and really shows how much grace and honor their is in being the best mom you can be.
    Suggested by   @sarahgorman
  10. Obvious Child
    The realest of the real love stories
    Suggested by   @sarahgorman
  11. Like Crazy
    It's a story about two college students who fall in love and deal with their lives and the problems a relationship during that age period brings
    Suggested by   @vmacies
  12. Beginners
    Utterly charming look at grief, love, and life, our pasts and our presents.
    Suggested by   @sophiedushko